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Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample
Sublime Balkiss<br> Sample

Sublime Balkiss

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Sublime because bewitching, Balkiss, Queen of Sheba, elusive and moving.
A magical modern Cyprus.

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Sublime Balkiss

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Sublime Balkiss
2ml sample - €6,00
  • 2ml sample - €6,00
  • 100ml refillable spray - €215,00
  • Spray 50ml - €125,00
  • 100ml resource bottle - €155,00
  • 10ml Spray - €29,00
  • Nomade refillable box 4*7.5ml with nomadic case - €110,00
  • Refillable Nomad Box 4*7.5ml - €85,00
  • Moisturizing and Perfumed Hydroalcoholic Gel 100ml - €14,90


I am a perfume with lively and current writing. I evoke the smell of the Irish rain, fresh and soft, the velvety smell of the wind and the delicately sweet heather of this land of fire under the damp moor which captivated my perfumer.
I am a modern chypre, recomposed thanks to a Patchouli in two stages. One sublimates my floral heart where Rose Damascena is queen, the other combines with Cocoa Powder in the background and reveals its dark and warm notes. In the top note, the fruity and citrus scents support the impertinent trail of fragile Violet Leaves.
I am like the Queen of Sheba, mysterious, who continues to intrigue century after century. I am Sublime because bewitching, I am Balkiss because elusive and moving. I am Sublime Balkiss.
A scent of crossed emotions… “I discovered with fascination these women of black and white American cinema of the 1940s, indifferent and terribly elegant, who gave off a mysterious, complex and modest scent. At the same time I discovered Ireland. It was an olfactory shock: the smell of the rain, fresher and sweeter than that which falls on the lands of Provence, the smell of the wind, mineral and yet velvety, the delicate smell of barely sweet heather. A land of fire under the damp moor...
Last winter, I rediscovered these sensations and over the lines the subject took shape: a chypre. Wearing this perfume for me was a new sensation, daring this personal pleasure. And the name came, by surprise, that of the Queen of Sheba, a beautiful, accomplished and mysterious woman, of whom we know nothing or very little, but who many centuries later still fascinates us.
Sublime because it is captivating, Balkiss because it is elusive and moving. » - Celine Ellena.


Top notes: Violet Leaves, Bergamot, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry
Heart notes: Rose Damascena, Lilac Clusters, Lily of the Valley
Base notes: Patchouli, Heather Sprigs, Cocoa Powder


Discover Sublime Balkiss in this practical sample format like its 100ml version. For testing or takeaway, this sample ticks all the boxes. Discover, test, become addicted!

Olfactory notes

Head Notes

Violet Leaves

Heart Notes

Rose Damascena
Lilac clusters
Lily of the valley

Background Notes

Briar sprigs
Cocoa powder

Nos Alchimistes

Le Parfumeur
Céline Ellena

Céline Ellena, digne héritière de son père, Jean Claude Ellena, marie avec talent les parfums puissants du Sud de la France aux délicates senteurs de l'herbe irlandaise. Son inspiration tire ses racines de ses souvenirs, de ses voyages et ses rencontres à travers le monde. Les formes des objets, les couleurs des paysages, les nuances des photos nourrissent son esprit créatif. Ensuite, elle donne naissance à des parfums séduisants et surprenants, capables de réveiller les souvenirs enfouis dans l'âme de ceux qui les portent.
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