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Adjatay, narcotic leather

I am the fruit of an insolent coincidence. Without this determined and heady Tuberose, who, forgotten in a leather bag, refused to die, I would not be. Yesterday, a forgotten white flower, today, a wild and elegant trail, tender and noisy.

I am an indomitable and hypnotic perfume, a dangerous ritual turbaned by the meanders of narcotic scents. Bright jasmine and sensual Tuberose try to tame my animal notes and my leather accord on a woody base with notes of Tonka Bean.

I am a forbidden delicacy, which glows with a pearly flavor in the shadow of a powerful Djinn, Adjatay, prince of fragrant thrills. I am a sensuality with a dark and carnal side.

I am Adjatay, narcotic leather.

A Leathered Eau de Parfum by Alexandra Monet, 2016.

ATTENTION: This perfume contains lilial, cannot be sold in certain countries, please check when validating the basket.
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