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Kâshan Rose

I am the embodiment of a Persian Rose, wild but sophisticated, smooth but not too sweet, surprising but not disconcerting. Combined with the fruity notes of Litchi and spicy notes of Pink Berries, my Rose is sublimated and rests on a base of sweet and reassuring Ambrette seeds with Oriental flavors.

I am a refined and soft trail, like the delicate petals of Iranian Roses. Every year I invite myself to the Rose Festival, in Kãshãn, to celebrate this flower which is dear to my heart. A thousand-year-old tradition to which I pay homage.

I am the eternal Orient, cradled in traditions and imbued with modernity. My spectacular and refined Rose is the reflection of ancestral know-how, but I am no less surprising and innovative. 

I am Kâshân Rose .

A Floral Eau de Toilette by Émilie Coppermann, 2013.
The highest price is €130,00Reset