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Oriental Lounge

I am a trail of sweet spices, the freshness of oases, the sensuality of oriental silks. A pure and precious skin fragrance, I invite pleasure, I am an olfactory caress. I wrap you like a sheet of red satin on the skin, and slowly I reveal myself...

I am a play of contrasts between sweet and bitter, smooth and spicy materials. My perfumer imagined me around a unique accord between the sweetness of Caloupilé, the freshness of Bergamot, and the depth of Amber and Tonka Bean. I combine modernity, talent and imagination.

I am the Orient of the Arabian Nights, opulent and captivating. I take you into my legends and my myths, my stories and my passionate romances.

Mysterious and luminous, provocative and disturbing, I am Oriental Lounge .

An Oriental-Spicy Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena, 2009.

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