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Oud Shamash

I am an ode to eternity, a luminous alchemy of Oud Absolute magnified by spicy and amber notes. Powerful, dark and mysterious, I invite you on a spiritual journey to the heart of the Far East.

I am opulent and magnificent. I take off on a spicy accord of Pink Berries soaked in Rum, then explore the deepest and most mysterious resinous facet of Oud Absolute, enhanced by Patchouli. My narcotic and intoxicating trail has already converted you.

I am Shamash, the Sun God celebrated by the Babylonians. High in the sky, I act as judge and observe humanity. Perfumer-creator, am I your interpretation of eternity?

I am Oud Shamash .

An Oriental Perfume Extract - Woody by Bertrand Duchaufour, 2011

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