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Vetiver Salt

“A fleeting image seen on a rainy day in an African shop, among a joyous mess of burlap bags, piles of brightly colored fabrics and glazed earthenware pots from which Vetiver roots woven into spindles peek out. I rub the roots between my fingers and a bitter, dry, almost burning scent escapes and permeates my hands. I associate it with the ambient smell, the humid smell of falling rain, the musky smell of batiks sold in their raw state, stiffened by starch and different dye baths, and finally that of spices and slightly fruity ripe, with a briny smell.
I want to keep a trace of this moment and I imagine a salty harmony, harsh and sweet at the same time, sensual and fresh, which evokes the smell of the skin after a sea bath, when the salt particles remain trapped and the water evaporated in the heat of the sun. » Celine Ellena

The salt of life. A spectacular encounter.
A Woody - Aromatic Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena.

ATTENTION: This perfume contains lilial, cannot be sold in certain countries, please check when validating the basket.
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