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Tokyo Bloom

I am an airy and pure splash, a green breath, supported by Basil leaves and Dandelion, which refreshes the mind. My olfactory balance is unstable, between floral notes and aromatic facets tinged with a soft light.

I am a walk in a Japanese garden, I wander through the avenues of cherry blossoms, lulled by the song of the clashing bamboos, inhaling the intense scent of freshly cut grass.

I am a tribute to this 5th Japanese season, a strange time between spring and summer: flowery, fresh and warm. Like these moments, Star Jasmine and Cyclamen mingle in my heart, and it is then that my overdosed Musk enters the scene to reveal all my sensuality.

I am TokyoBloom .

An Aromatic Eau de Toilette by Émilie Coppermann, 2012.

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