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Dance of the Dawn

I am the intoxicating encounter between the scent of Patchouli Sulawesi and the spicy freshness of black pepper surrounded by pink berry leaves. My woody and floral heart supported by delicate Vanilla transports you to a distant exotic beach. The drums resonate in the distance. Then dawn comes, the smell of grass plunges you into a dream.

I am a bohemian and modern fragrance, open with a juicy Mandarin, offering an immediate addiction for everyone. Gradually, I free myself from expectations by nestling in surprising notes of Incense and Driftwood.

I am the feeling of happiness provided by contemplating the sunrise over the ocean. Inspired by the Veda writings and by Shiva, my mind dances with joy.

I am Dance of the Dawn.

A chypre-spicy Eau de Parfum by Emilie Coppermann, 2022.

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