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A Magnetic Night, all night long

I am the memory of laughter on the banks of the Seine, the warmth of late spring, the trees rustling and the wind gently rushing under the light and flowing clothes while the stars light up the sky one by one.

I am a perfume like a magnet, my notes come together by affinity and repel each other by contrast. Benzoin, Patchouli and Musk blend into Amber and attract Egyptian Jasmine and Rose Damascena, while Prune retains them. Finally, Ginger and Blueberry color me with spicy and fruity facets.

I am a dense and hypnotizing creation, my chords and my story captivate and intrigue. I leave behind me a trail of mystery, inspiring freshness, sensuality and magnetism.

I am A Magnetic Night - all night long .

A Floral Eau de Parfum – Amber by Christine Nagel, 2014.

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