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Sense & Wood

I am an adventure of spicy and captivating sensuality, where White Violet meets Cedar wood which flirts with Black Pepper. When playful Patchouli and Incense combine, my scent becomes a contagious seduction.

I am a play of light and shadow, tracing my path through bushes and light woods. There, my woody-spicy scents mixed with the freshness of Elémi give me accents of fireplace fires and patina.

I am the perfume of the palace of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, built with a powerful and immortal Chinese cedar. And around my wooden pillar decorated with Verbena dances a playful and impetuous Ginger.

I am Sens & Bois .

A Woody – Spicy Eau de Toilette by Céline Ellena, 2007

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