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Like Alice in Wonderland, discover our perfumes. Want to try everything? Here it is possible!

Discovery box
12 different perfumes, in refillable 10 ml bottles for each perfume, or 120 ml of pure olfactory happiness.
The perfect gift to give or to give yourself! You can then refill your bottles with our 100 ml refills.

Sample kit
8 different fragrances ( Une Nuit Magnétique, Dance of the Dawn, Sublime Balkiss, White Zagora, Osmanthus, Majaina Sin, Tokyo Bloom and Kashan Rose )

Individual samples
9 different fragrances (Dance of the Dawn, Red Burning Night, Majaina Sin, White Zagora, Une Nuit Magnétique-all night long, Tokyo Bloom, Sublime Balkiss, Osmanthus, Kâshân Rose)
The highest price is €215,00Reset