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Pure eVe, Just Pure

I am without artifice, an elegant and comfortable perfume. I envelop you in my velvet trail, a delicious caress, like a white cotton garment, timeless and refined.

I am a skin perfume. My perfumer used one of the finest qualities of Musk to recreate that sensation of silk gliding over the curves of your body. Supported by Cedar Wood, my trail becomes more rounded and floral with Lin Flower, and finally delights in sweetness with the gourmand Calisson.

I am an olfactory contrast, virtuous and transgressive. My pure notes of Aldehydes and White Rose hide gourmandise and intensity.

I am a purely sensual luxury.

I am Pure eVe, Just Pure.

A gourmet Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena, 2011

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