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Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic
Tokyo Bloom<br> Scented ceramic

Tokyo Bloom
Scented ceramic

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Your favorite fragrance on your wrist... An unstable balance between an aromatic and floral fragrance. Inspiration from Tokyo Bloom, the 5th season, this moment between two worlds, between Spring and summer, Tsuyu in Japanese, this magical moment where the buds will bloom.

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Tokyo Bloom
Scented ceramic

Scented ceramics, to be combined with a ribbon:<br>

<li>Thanks to a unique technology and an exclusive material, manufactured in France, it does not alter the perfume in any way.</li>

<li> Its diffusion lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the fragrance.</li>

<li> It diffuses the perfume without leaving a deposit on the skin and without staining the ribbon.</li>

<li> The ceramic is engraved on the front with the signature of our House.</li>

<li> Available in 3 fragrances: AlSahra, Majaïna Sin and Tokyo Bloom.</li>


Tokyo Bloom
Scented ceramic
Scented ceramic - €10,00
  • Scented ceramic - €10,00
  • 100ml refillable spray - €130,00
  • 100ml resource bottle - €95,00
  • Nomade refillable box 4*7.5ml with nomadic case - €80,00
  • Refillable Nomad Box 4*7.5ml - €50,00
  • 10ml Spray - €18,00
  • 2ml sample - €4,00


I am an airy and pure splash, a green breath, supported by Basil leaves and Dandelion, which refreshes the mind. My olfactory balance is unstable, between floral notes and aromatic facets tinged with a soft light.
I am taking a stroll in a Japanese garden, I wander through the avenues of cherry blossoms, lulled by the song of the clashing bamboos, inhaling the intense scent of freshly cut grass.
I am a tribute to this 5th Japanese season, a strange time between spring and summer: flowery, fresh and warm. Like these moments, Star Jasmine and Cyclamen mingle in my heart, and it is then that my overdosed Musk comes into play to reveal all my sensuality. I'm Tokyo Bloom.


Top notes: Basil Leaves, Galbanum, Dandelion, Blackcurrant Buds
Heart notes: Canvas Jasmine, Cyclamen Petals
Base notes: Gaïac wood, white musk, amber


La céramique parfumée, à associer à un ruban :

  • Grâce à une technologie unique et un matériau exclusif, frabriquée en France, elle n'altère en rien le parfum.
  • Sa diffusion dure de 1 à 3 mois selon la fragrance.
  • Elle diffuse le parfum sans laisser de dépôt sur la peau et sans tâcher le ruban.
  • La céramique est gravée au recto de la signature de notre Maison.
  • Disponible en 3 fragrances : AlSahra, Majaïna Sin et Tokyo Bloom.

Olfactory notes

Head Notes

Basil leaves
Blackcurrant buds

Heart Notes

Star Jasmine
Cyclamen petals

Background Notes

Gaiac wood
White Musk

Nos Alchimistes

Le Parfumeur
Emilie Coppermann

Émérite et joyeuse, elle crée des fragrances qui harmonisent habilement la précision technique avec une profonde résonance émotionnelle. Experte en parfumerie et alchimiste à part entière, chacun de ses voyages est une exploration des merveilles olfactives. Elle élabore, pour la maison, la collection olfactive "L'Esprit Cologne", une interprétation audacieuse de l'héritage classique de la Cologne.
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