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Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic
Al-Sahra<br> Scented ceramic

Scented ceramic

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The desert, desire, shadow and silence.

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Scented ceramic

Scented ceramics, to be combined with a ribbon:<br>

<li> Thanks to a unique technology and an exclusive material, manufactured in France, it does not alter the perfume in any way.</li>

<li> Its diffusion lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on the fragrance.</li>

<li> It diffuses the perfume without leaving a deposit on the skin and without staining the ribbon.</li>

<li> The ceramic is engraved on the front with the signature of our House.</li>

<li> Available in 3 fragrances: AlSahra, Majaïna Sin and Tokyo Bloom.</li>


Scented ceramic
Scented ceramic - €10,00
  • Scented ceramic - €10,00
  • 100ml refillable spray - €215,00
  • 100ml resource bottle - €155,00
  • 10ml Spray - €29,00
  • Nomade refillable box 4*7.5ml with nomadic case - €110,00
  • Refillable Nomad Box 4*7.5ml - €85,00


Inspiring the mineral freshness of sands and rocks, the diaphanous delicacy of Sand Lily and the power of Incense, the amber depth of Cistus Labdanum associated with the sensuality of Patchouli and Sandalwood, Al Sahra opens an intoxicating path that takes you on unknown yet familiar tracks, sparkling, soft and vibrant moments, a kiss that stretches.

Signing the first Mineral of the House, the talented perfumer Émilie Coppermann treats us to a trail as invigorating as it is intoxicating, oriental, gourmand and subtle.


Top notes: Mineral accord, Salt crystals, White violet
Heart notes: Sand Lily, Madagascar Cinnamon Essence
Base notes: Frankincense, Cistus Labdanum Essence, Patchouli Essence, Sandalwood Essence


Designed to be either worn with a ribbon or placed on a support (table, car, bag, etc.), our ceramics do not stain and are already impregnated with our perfume concentrates in a specific formulation. The broadcast will last approximately 3 months.

Olfactory notes

Head Notes

Mineral Accord
Salt Crystals
White Violet

Heart Notes

Sand Lily
Cinnamon Essences from Madagascar

Background Notes

Essence of Cistus Mabdanum
Patchouli Essence
Sandalwood Essence

Nos Alchimistes

Le Parfumeur
Emilie Coppermann

Émérite et joyeuse, elle crée des fragrances qui harmonisent habilement la précision technique avec une profonde résonance émotionnelle. Experte en parfumerie et alchimiste à part entière, chacun de ses voyages est une exploration des merveilles olfactives. Elle élabore, pour la maison, la collection olfactive "L'Esprit Cologne", une interprétation audacieuse de l'héritage classique de la Cologne.
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