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Oud For Love<br> 100ml resource bottle
Oud For Love<br> 100ml resource bottle
Oud For Love<br> 100ml resource bottle

Oud For Love
100ml resource bottle

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Oud For Love is a tribute to love. Sensual and captivating, it transcends the senses to sublimate desire.

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Oud For Love
100ml resource bottle

<b>Top notes:</b> Jamaican CO2 Rum
Saffron, Ceylon Cinnamon, Pink Berries (4%), Davana Essence<br>
<b>Heart notes:</b> Turkish Rose Essence, Nagarmotha (4%), Saint Thomas Berries<br>
<b>Base notes:</b> Oud from Laos, Patchouli (9%), Cistus Absolute, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Dry Woody Notes, Leathery Notes, White Musk, Bourbon Vanilla, Resinoid Tolu<br>

Oud For Love
100ml resource bottle
100ml resource bottle - €180,00
  • 100ml resource bottle - €180,00
  • 100ml refillable spray - €260,00
  • 10ml Spray - €37,00


I am the embodiment of fiery seduction. Bewitching, I transcend the senses, sublimating desire into a burning passion. Step by step, I reveal my opulent scents with intense notes of resin, spices and the Orient.
I am an Arabian Love Potion that envelops you with its deep and sensual, multi-faceted trail. Saffron and Cumin reveal a floral and carnal heart of Tuberose and Ylang-ylang. In the background, my woody and spicy richness gives intensity to my Oud majestically in a feverish elegance.
I am a tribute offered to Love, an intense, powerful, uncontrollable feeling. My perfumer knew how to sublimate me and reveal my complexity, summoning the most animal and suave side of Oud Absolute. I am Oud for Love.
A precious perfume… Oud is one of the richest elements that nature has produced, resulting from a chance encounter of a mushroom with a rare wood species: it is extracted from a precious and extremely rare resin (Agarwood) produced by a rare species of tree, Aquilaria. For optimal quality, the tree must be at least 15 years old before distilling it for a long time and harvesting its essence drop by drop.


Top notes: Aldehydes, Whiskey Notes, Coriander (4%), Saffron, Cumin
Heart notes: Tuberose, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Reconstituted Iris, Clove
Base notes: Oud from Laos, Immortelle Absolute, Vetiver from Haiti (10%), Patchouli (6%), Sweet Musk, Sweet Amber, Castoreum Absolute, Hyraceum infusion, Heliotrope, Caramelized Notes, Tolu resinoid


Our aluminum refill bottles (100% recyclable) are designed to refill our glass bottles with a simple gesture. Comes with an anti-overflow funnel.

Olfactory notes

Head Notes

Whiskey Notes
Coriander (4%)

Heart Notes

Ylang ylang
Reconstituted iris

Background Notes

Oud from Laos
Immortelle Absolute
Haitian vetiver (10%)
Patchouli (6%)
Sweet musk
Absolute Castoreum
Caramelized Notes
Tolu resinoid

Nos Alchimistes

Le Parfumeur
Bertrand Duchauffour

Après avoir travaillé plusieurs années pour des marques et des clients prestigieux, il fait le choix de devenir parfumeur indépendant. Chaque fragrance qu'il crée est une véritable œuvre d'art, reflétant à la fois les émotions contemporaines et intemporelles. En 2011, il rejoint les rangs de The Different Company pour écrire un nouveau chapitre dans le monde de la parfumerie.
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