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Christine Nagel

“It’s a unique experience to be able to create for The Different Company. The freedom of creation is both a great proof of confidence on the part of this House of Haute Parfumerie and at the same time a real challenge.” Christine Nagel, 2014.
Christine Nagel is a charming mix of science, Swiss precision and Italian generosity. She studied chemistry and began working in the chromatography department of a research laboratory. She then became a great perfumer driven by the love of beautiful natural and synthetic raw materials, and the endless desire to discover new ingredients and new scents. Optimistic and enthusiastic, Christine is guided by her emotions and is inspired by people. Creating perfumes is, for her, the best way to express herself. She likes to take a material, knead it until she manages to tame it... Modify the state of the material to divert it towards a new unexpected form! She has won numerous awards for her olfactory work over the years.
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